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Welcome. I am a registered psychotherapist in Toronto with over twenty-five years of training and experience in psychotherapy and mental health.
My office is located on the subway line and is a twenty minute ride from Bloor and Yonge.

To make an appointment for an initial consultation please call me at 416.533.7201 or email me at

LMMy primary mode of working is psychodynamic psychotherapy. This is a method of treatment that offers a way of understanding ourselves, our relationships and our way of negotiating and getting along in the world. A psychodynamic approach can help with a range of issues that need and deserve attention before a more authentic, thoughtful and freer way of living can develop.


Most people who have some capacity for self-observation can benefit from psychodynamic psychotherapy. This capacity involves:

  • A willingness to be honest with oneself and the therapist
  • Motivation to understand oneself and others
  • Openness to another perspective

This type of treatment can address a range of issues and a diverse population can experience substantial gains. The best way to determine if this approach might be helpful to you is to make an appointment for a consultation. I offer an initial meeting at no fee.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is the only therapy modality outside of psychoanalysis shown to result in sustained improvement after therapy has ended. This includes symptom reduction, the uncovering of more positive aspects of personality, change in interpersonal relationships and an improvement in general life satisfaction.

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  • Career/work/academic issues and challenges
  • Relationship issues
  • Life transitions
  • Self esteem, loneliness, general unhappiness and dissatisfaction
  • Anxiety/depression/panic
  • Self-defeating, self-sabotaging behaviours
  • Trauma
  • Long-term effects of abuse

* Difficulties and problems are determined by many factors and can take many forms. The issues listed above can be inter-connected and usually don’t show up in isolation.


To make an appointment for an initial consultation please call me at 416.533.7201 or email me at

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